• Mahler Songs

    Mahler 4th symphony 4th mov and the Songs of a Wayfarer, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen arranged for soprano, clarinet and piano
  • Adult Band Sept8 -June 30

    Every Monday 500-730pm at 1st Baptist on 5th
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Gershwin & Ravel

Nov 19

Mostly Mozart

March 8

NW Quintet

May 3

Oboe Recital

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About us

We present all professional classical music concerts and make recordings using Prince George musicians. All of our players are local professionals which means that all the funding we receive stays in town and helps Prince George have a vibrant musical community that can retain quality musicians and helps us all grow and develop as players.

We have toured the North, produced the first PG Classical CD, produced original school shows, premiered new Canadian music  by local composers, given hundreds of music classes for Seniors in care, run an Adult instructional band and more.

None of these things would happen without us. We give residents the opportunity to hear first class performances of classical music that they would normally never get to hear due the extremely large amount of rehearsals needed for these often very demanding works. We program based on artistic merit not on audience appeal. Our concerts are followed by a small but loyal group of classical music connoisseurs.

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Simon Cole Artistic Director


Simon Cole's website

"A fantastic clarinetists, most of the worlds great Orchestras do not have such a player"
W. Kushner Berlin philharmonic
"Simon Cole has every ability and quality a musician could want"
Noam Sheriff Conductor, Israel
"Talented and gifted, using the clarinet to express and communicate"
Richard Stoltzman clarinetist/recording artist USA
"I particularly enjoyed your rhapsody for clarinet, keep on composing!"
Pamela Weston one of the world's foremost researchers and writers on the clarinet Author of "Clarinet virtuosos
I listened to your rhapsody for clarinet BRAVO!!!"Richard Stoltzman clarinetist/recording artist

For Families

Some of the happiest memories I have of my childhood are concerts I went to with my parents. I didn't always undertand all the music but I sensed its depth and magic.

All children accompanied by an adult are admitted without charge to Alban Classical Concerts.