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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


President Glenda Waddell

Artistic Director Simon Cole

Manager Erica Skowron

Board of Directors


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Film Music Concert
Free at CNC Jan 22nd 2016
Christmas concerts
December 2015
French Music
November 2015
Film Music
October 2015
Music from our city
September 2015
Free library concert
April 23
Mahler and more
Free library concert
April 24
Mahler and more
May 14
Airport concert
May 29
Oboe recital
June 10


Our work

 You may know us long standing members of the PG music community and teachers but we do much more than that. In 2013-2014 we gave over 200 free classes that benefited 50-65 Seniors every week, we supplied them with music and instruments that they were able to keep and we supplied  instruments to care facilities. We offer ensembles for adults so they can participate in music.

(with permission of the family click for video) one of our Senior care home classes E. is a lovely woman and one of our regular participants she knows all the words and melodies and enjoys singing each week. We ran this program for a year thanks to a Gov. grant, we have applied for further funding. It was a very positive thing for all the varied seniors who took part in our classes. This was not just playing for Seniors, we went way beyond that which is why the program was so powerful.

Our concerts are always free for children  and we will be giving many free concerts over the next year . We composed over an hour of special music to celebrate Prince George in 2015 and it's 100 Anniversary and presented it during Games time, produced the first classical music CD to come out of PG and more. In 2015-2016 we will present not only a full concert series but over 22 free concerts in Prince George for schools, care homes, charity dinners and in public spaces all around town.

We we do this without ever running a deficit, our business sponsor Coles Woodwinds picks up all cost overruns.