New this fall...funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Program a Unique opportunity for Seniors and Students of all ages to play together under the mentorship of players from the New horizons Band  this is a band for beginners or players returning to playing after some years. If you are  (or were an advanced player the NHB is a better choice)

This band is free for all participants. There are no tuition fees, music is supplied. We also have a limited number of instruments (26) that are available for  participants that need one to use for the duration of the program.

This program will be simultaneously available Online using Zoom(for registered people).

The program runs though the year on Tuesdays from 530-630.( time changed to 1 hour later for those coming from work)

Instruction from professional musicians with mentorship by senior musicians from the New Horizons Adult Band.

Contact us everyone can join Simon at 250-563-4693 or 250-961-1810 cell/text or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First session is Sept 15th from 530-630 at 1st Baptist church plan is to deal with instruments and paperwork put instruments together makes some sounds.


Q: What does the BC Gov say about bands


If you are at risk you can play along online and with the practice studio included with the music book and we are there to assist you, if you are ok we can play together just 6 ft apart,  we have a big space.

If.. everything shuts down again we will continue online or in smaller groups, music is great for taking your mind of things along with it being enjoyable and beneficial for physical and mental health.


Q: Who can play?

A: Anyone with one provision, you must be harmonious. All Alban Classical programs are safe for participants. You need to be living in Prince George BC Canada.


Q: Do I need to be able to play already?

A: No, this is a band for beginners or players returning to playing after many years.


Q: What age groups is this for?

A: Children often start band in elementary school grade 7 so roughly 13 and up. This would be a great for a parent and/or a grandparent and child, both could play or any single adults.


Q: If I can already play will I be bored?

A: No,  I give lessons to players who have studied for many years including professionals there is always something new to learn,  even for me.


Q: Can I pick my instrument?

A: Yes, up to a point. I keep the band in balance (so everyone can not play saxophone for example) and we only have a limited number of instruments to loan out. (26)


Q: What else do I need to bring with me?

A: A music stand, a pencil and reeds if your instrument needs them( though we do have a few reeds to get everyone started) and of course your music (music is supplied).


Q: What do I need to do to get an instrument?

A: If you are getting one from us you need to call us (250-563-4693) and talk to us about which instrument you would like to play. If you get one from us you will sign a standard instrument rental contract except the fee will be $0. The contract includes an attendance clause that is to say you must come to all classes and of course if you damage the instrument you are responsible for it. You may also rent one from one of the local music stores. You may have one already, if so we can check it over for you.


Q: What instruments can be in the Band?

A: Standard band instruments are flute, oboe, clarinet (bass clarinet), saxophones (Alto Tenor Bari), trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, keyboards, bass (electric or string), bassoon , oboe and percussion( bass drum, snare drum, snare drum and bells).


Q: Which instruments do you have that I can use for free?

A: Here is what we have: Of course it's first come first serve so we will eventually run out. Sight and Sound and Long & McQuade rent instruments locally. The reason we are supplying some instruments is so that the cost of getting one is not a obstacle to participation. 

The instruments we supply are to be used exclusively in our program and are reserved for in person participation. We do not have the capacity to subsidize school band programs that have budgets 100X greater than ours.
Bb clarinets 7 4
Flutes 5 3
Alto saxophone 2 0
Tenor saxophone 2 2
trumpet 2 1
trombone 2 1
keyboards 2 1
snare 1 1
bass drum 1 1
bells 1 0
bass electric 1 0

Q:Can I keep my music book and Instrument?

A: The instrument and book must be returned at the end of the program so the next person can use them.


Q: Does this include private lessons?

A: No private lessons are great you will do much better if you have them but they are not necessary for this band or included.


Q: Where and when are rehearsals?

A:  1st Baptist Church on 5th time from 530-630 Tuesdays.


Q: Will there be concerts?

A: Yes.


Q: Who is teaching this?

A: 1. Senior Musicians from the Alban Classical New Horizons Band. These players have been performing and studying under my direction for up to 8 years. The NHB band plays together and in tune, players have good sounds they blend together and are very sophisticated musically.

One of our instructors

Alan Buswell 

Alan joined the New Horizons Band at its inception in December 2011. Prior to this, he had little
success with playing a musical instrument, had only limited experience reading music, and had
no experience of playing in groups. Joining the band has been a life-changing experience - he
can now play the clarinet well enough to enjoy himself, he can get by reading music, and he
really enjoys the magic of playing with other people, who have become a supportive group of
friends. Additional benefits have been learning about the structure, performance, and history of
music, and it’s been a wonderful retirement activity for him. He highly recommends joining our
band, no matter how little experience you may have!


















2. Simon Cole conductor composer plays sax clarinet flute. 3. Erica Skowron Oboe trumpet .4 others as needed.


Q: When the Gen Band ends in April what then?

A: Alban Classical runs the New Horizons Band which meets from 630-900 on Mondays. There is a small fee (150/term x 3 terms ) The instruments we acquired will still be available.

Q: Zoom band online is this public, how do I find it?

A: Zoom band is for people registered for the course you will be sent the meeting link.