We are taking names of those interested in a 10 pm Monday morning band that would run weekly. Open to all


This instructional band meets every Monday from 500-730 pm at the 1st Baptist Church corner of 5th and Gillett.

Our next season starts Sept 5th. Open to all adults regardless of playing experience , beginners welcome.


Flute & Clarinet: we can take unlimited numbers of flutes and clarinets, we have 1 clarinets available to loan. (2 more available soon after I overhaul them)

Alto clarinet: open

Bass clarinet: open we have 1 bass clarinet and an Eb clarinet available to loan at no charge to members. 

Oboe: open

Alto sax: no openings

Tenor Sax: we could take 1, we have 1  tenor sax available to loan

Baritone sax 1 opening

Bassoon: no openings

Trumpet: 1 opening

French horn: 2 openings

Trombone: open

Baritone: no openings

Tuba: open

Percussion 1 drum set: no openings

Percussion 2: open

Piano: no openings

Bass guitar: open