100-300 New Beginners only band 212 Gillett St call 250-563-4693 for more information.

500-520ish Rhythm only

520 start with easier band music move on to pieces listed below.

This year we will be playing music from our past 5 seasons plus a selection of new pieces which will be a year long project.

Do not be intimidated, band music has parts with different levels of difficulty for most instruments.


Klezmer Dances

A Tribute to Dave Brubeck

Carmina Burana

Mozart Symphony 39 Minuet

Tchaikovsky Arabian Dance

Christmas On Broadway arranged by John Higgins



Inviting people to check out the band is great but if they are planning to drop in and play let me know in well advance (if they are not going to play off your music) so I can find parts for them and verify that it is a band compatible instrument.

The odds of me being ready with parts for a left handed flugalphone in F# minor are not good.


This instructional band meets every Monday from 100-300pm at 212 Gillett st for beginners and at 500-730 pm at the 1st Baptist Church corner of 5th and Gillett.

Our year runs from Sept  to the end of June, you may join at any time. Open to all adults regardless of playing experience, beginners welcome.

We have some of the auxiliary instruments (bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, piccolo ) to loan to regular members (not available to drop in players) There is a small monthly charge to cover maintenance starting June 30 2017 as we no longer have a business sponsor covering those costs and funding is highly variable.



Flute & Clarinet: we can take unlimited numbers of flutes and clarinets, we have 2-3 clarinets available to rent.

Alto clarinet: open

Bass clarinet: no openings we have 1 bass clarinet on loan and an Eb clarinet available.

Contra bass clarinet: open

Contra-alto bass clarinet open


Alto sax: no openings

Tenor Sax: no openings.  1 tenor sax available

Baritone sax 1 opening

Bassoon: open

Trumpet: 2 openings

French horn: 2 openings

Trombone: open

Baritone: no openings

Tuba: open

Percussion 1 drum set: no openings

Percussion 2: open

Piano: no openings

Bass guitar: open