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Alban Classical New Horizons Band


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What would you like to play? Number your first, second, third choice.


___ bassoon ___ ___ clarinet ___ flute ___ oboe ___ saxophone


___ trumpet ___ trombone ___ French horn ___ euphonium___ tuba


Would you consider trying whatever instruments are needed? ______


No musical experience is required, but if you have done any of the following, please indicate the approximate number of years.


___ Piano lessons ___ Instrumental lessons in school


___ Choral class in school ___ General music class in school


___ Guitar lessons ___ Church choir___ Community band ___ Community chorus


___ Community orchestra


___ Other (describe): _______________________________________


Please list chronic health problems, if any:


Liability Waiver.


Release Waiver (Must be signed)


I hereby waive, release and discharge Alban classical, all agents and employees, from all liability and damages that may occur from taking part in the activity indicated in this agreement. I further agree in the event of injury while participating in said activities, to indemnify and hold harmless the organization, all employees and all contracted individuals, and its participants. I further understand that health insurance is not provided, and I must supply health coverage for self. I give my permission for treatment by a medical professional to be administered in the event of an emergency.


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For Families

Some of the happiest memories I have of my childhood are concerts I went to with my parents. I didn't always undertand all the music but I sensed its depth and magic.

All children accompanied by an adult are admitted without charge to Alban Classical Concerts.