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March 25 reh

Yes there is a rehersal on monday. There is no rehersal on April 8th though.

Play List:

6 pieces that you have play along files for

5 Burts

Sheik of Araby

Jazz tune

Dec 1 performance


Playing list for Festival of the trees.

Order: Joy to the world and Deck the halls

Star wars , Flintstones, Raiders.

Christmas P. and Rudolf


Repeat as needed.


Gig info

Sat Dec 1

12:30-1:00 pm

Civic Centre

Bring your own stand.

Dress: black with Xmas colours.

We will meet c 12:15 at the doors to the back stage area. There are dressing rooms. Keep your valuables on you.

WE will do a quick tune back stage then go out and play. There will be mikes for singers.


Mozart Magic Flute

Mozart  Overture arranged in 4 parts for various winds. This is the Sibelius score. You can play along with it and change the tempo.


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Tequila for band

This is Tequila based on the Champs version. The repeated section is for solos. I will have a separate sheet for that. You can download the parts here DOWNLOAD

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A New Land- music for band

This is another new work composed for the Prince George ( Alban Classical) New Horizons band. It has parts of varying difficulty since the players are at varying levels. Music takes time to create a mood so I wanted a work that would have a longer duration ( about 5 min) Some technical parts( to review tech practice, in particular doubling rhythms) some melodic part to feature each section and some guided improvisation. The work is called a New Land I was thinking of ones impression arriving at a new turn in the creek or an island. DOWNLOAD

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