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These are  random rehersal/concert recordings.

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5pm at 1st Baptists Church of 5th.

We have some openings, I keep the band in balence so it is enjoyable for everyone, this means that for instance I don't allow more than 3 trumpets given our current configuration. Cost is $140 for 14 weeks we have a concert at the end. Society membership is $2. Music is supplied you need an instrument and a music stand.


Flute clarinet, we can take unlimited numbers of these we have a bass clarinet that I donated to the band.


bassoon- open

Trumpet- 1 opening

Trombone- 2 opening

Tuba- 1 opening



Tsax - 1 opening

Asax- no openings

Players sometimes drop out in which case there will be an this space


JUne 2014

Summer break for July and Aug. If you are interested in coached small groups I can do that on and off over the summer we start again in Sept.

Last reh is on JUne 30th it will be an informal concert for family and friends. Concert willl start at 630.

Mozart Magic Flute

Mozart  Overture arranged in 4 parts for various winds. This is the Sibelius score. You can play along with it and change the tempo.


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Tequila for band

This is Tequila based on the Champs version. The repeated section is for solos. I will have a separate sheet for that. You can download the parts here DOWNLOAD

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A New Land- music for band

This is another new work composed for the Prince George ( Alban Classical) New Horizons band. It has parts of varying difficulty since the players are at varying levels. Music takes time to create a mood so I wanted a work that would have a longer duration ( about 5 min) Some technical parts( to review tech practice, in particular doubling rhythms) some melodic part to feature each section and some guided improvisation. The work is called a New Land I was thinking of ones impression arriving at a new turn in the creek or an island. DOWNLOAD

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For Families

Some of the happiest memories I have of my childhood are concerts I went to with my parents. I didn't always undertand all the music but I sensed its depth and magic.

All children accompanied by an adult are admitted without charge to Alban Classical Concerts.